Pre Employment Criminal Background Checks in Australia

The completion of a criminal background check contributes to making informed hiring and management decisions to ensure you select the right applicant with the right skills for the job or role. WorkPro can deliver pre-employment checks in Australia within minutes to assist companies in their hiring process. 

We understand how important the right team is to any business, which is why we do all we can to ensure you have all of the information required to make a smart decision on who will become a part of your company. Using WorkPro to conduct your pre-employment criminal background checks means access to results within a few minutes, using a simple, secure online interface to the National Criminal Database.

So what exactly is included in a pre-employment criminal background check? It is an individual search of the national criminal database, using various personal information references, to identify if an individual has a criminal history. A Criminal History Information (CHI) check relates to records of court convictions and findings of guilt, or other information which have been obtained by an Australian State or Territory Police Service.

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