Employee criminal record and history checks by WorkPro are almost immediate, they are accurate, transparent and totally secure. We utilise the National Criminal Database to help you make informed hiring decisions..
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Criminal Record Check

A criminal history check can help determine if potential employees are suitable for your workplace

Completing a criminal check on your employees is crucial. It is important to know that someone is the perfect candidate for the role you’re attempting to fill. A background check with WorkPro is simple, secure, transparent and provides your organisation with all the information you would need to make an informed decision. WorkPro has a secure on-line interface to the National Criminal Database to ensure detailed and accurate criminal history information is provided. WorkPro allows employers the opportunity to view, validate, track and manage a background check or a criminal record check via a single login. Together with our pre-employment screening services, WorkPro reduces time, effort & costs by being the only company in Australia to provide a centralised portal with the ability to manage multiple employment and compliance related processes. Contact us today.

Using WorkPro to conduct a background check or criminal check ensures complete transparency on all information you could need about current and potential employees

Forming a strategic partnership with CrimTrac in this specialist area, WorkPro is able to provide a simple procedure for conducting a criminal history check. The results are available in an efficient manner, allowing WorkPro’s Customers to adopt a ‘just in time’ approach to this critical pre-employment requirement of an employee or candidate criminal record check. Make informed, educated and rapid criminal check decisions with WorkPro.. For a detailed criminal history check and police check in Australia, For further information about WorkPro’s National Police Check service, contact us today. WorkPro is the only company in Australia to have a direct link to the Department of Immigration and Crimtrac.

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Criminal Record Check

The completion of a criminal check or background check contributes to making informed hiring and management decisions to ensure you select the right applicant with the right skills for the job/role.

Using WorkPro to conduct your criminal checks means access to results within a few minutes, using a simple, secure on-line interface to the National Criminal Database - providing your organisation with accurate, transparent, just-in-time information.

A national criminal check is a database search of an individual, using various personal information references, to identify if an individual has a criminal history. A Criminal History Information (CHI) check relates to records of court convictions and findings of guilt, or other information which have been obtained by an Australian State or Territory Police Service.

For further information about WorkPro's National Criminal Check service, please contact us.

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