WorkPro lead the way in providing an effective pre-employment online solution for occupational health & safety induction, training and workplace risk management.
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WorkPro specialise in workplace and Occupational Health and Safety, online criminal background and police record checks, OH&S induction and training and risk management. We are all about safe work and following any act or legislation to the letter. Check out our website today.

Employing new staff or temporary staff is easier with WorkPro. Our training and induction will ensure workplace and Occupational Health and Safety and the management of risk is understood. We cover Work Safe legislation, the OH&S Act, criminal background checks and an online police record check.

WorkPro offer effective national criminal record checks, risk management and Work Safe training and induction. We act within the strict Occupational Health and Safety legislation to ensure a proper understanding of workplace OH&S and we can also incorporate this with an online police background check.

WorkPro specialise in the effective and efficient delivery of a pre-screening system for prospective employee management. Consistent and simple the WorkPro solution delivers occupational and workplace health and safety legislation instruction, Work Safe guidelines including act information and expectations, risk management, OH&S induction and training, online police background checks and a criminal record check. Built by industry leading professionals in occupational health and workplace legislation the system ensures employees have a long-term understanding of expected and proper conduct and behaviour. Moreover with the stringent online police and criminal record checking a prospective employee that is hired will invariably act in the appropriate manner in your organisation.

At WorkPro we cover every aspect of pre-employment screening. From Occupational Health and Safety, workplace and Work Safe legislation to risk management and OH&S training and induction, we have the experience. Act now and we can also include online police background checks and a criminal record check.

The seriousness of Occupational Health and Safety legislation, workplace risk management and employee safety cannot be understated. It is absolutely imperative across a number of industries and a number of disciplines that potential employees experience effective and quality instruction, induction and training for OH&S Act and the Work Safe Act. Further, as an organisation the minimisation of risk, OH&S misconduct and thus future costs is paramount. As such we provide online background criminal record checks and police check so you can make an informed hiring decision. The online police record checks and safe training modules we offer are simple, quick and effective.

If you're looking for effective Occupational Health and Safety training and induction, workplace OH&S legislation advice, risk management, Work Safe Act information, online police checks or a background criminal record check, look no further than WorkPro as your pre-employment screening solution.

We centralise all processes including criminal record and online police background checks and workplace risk management. We offer Occupational Health and Safety act and legislation training and induction as well as Work Safe OH&S advice. Check our website for information regarding modules and industry partners.

WorkPro delivers key training and induction modules for potential staff at your organisation. An understanding of workplace health and safety and OH&S legislation are paramount to future liability and risk management. The system also offers Work Safe online police background check and criminal record checks to ensure you select the right applicant who will act in accordance with the law. Further, the system delivers relevant information through induction and training regarding the strict guidelines for Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace key process of minimising any potential work risk. Lastly, the online criminal check provides your organisation with accurate and timely information.

We focus on the effective delivery of workplace and OH&S training, induction and liability and risk management to prospective employees. We have established a consistent and robust process including occupational health and safety legislation and Work Safe Act assistance, online police checks and a criminal background record check.

Our main objective is to deliver a process driven system that integrates workplace and Occupational Health and Safety Act information, risk management, OH&S and Work Safe legislation, induction, training and an online, easy to access database for police record checks and a national criminal background check, all rolled into one. Very easily integrated into current work systems and processes at any organisation, WorkPro can provide a platform to ensure highly effective and highly efficient delivery of a learning module for health legislation, safe working induction, business liability assessment, long-term risk management and background record checks.

For the very best employment screening advising on occupational and workplace health and safety legislation, online police checks, criminal record background check and risk management speak to WorkPro. We also offer OH&S Act and Work Safe training and induction. Speak to one of our consultants.

Hassle free training and induction modules advising potential employees on everything from occupational and workplace health and safety legislation, OH&S Act information to risk management and Work Safe priorities... it must be WorkPro. We can also do an online background police check and criminal record checks.

With our online training program coupled with background criminal record checks, police checks, Occupational Health and Safety information, induction and Work Safe risk management, the WorkPro system can integrate all workplace legislation and OH&S, to ensure prospective or new employees are completely up to speed. The OH&S act stipulates strict workplace conduct and employees are expected to understand every aspect of the safety act prior to employment. Occupational induction and liability management ensures prospective employees will behave with respect and thus reduce the chance of misconduct. Moreover, with a background check you can be certain the person you're hiring is right for the job. Check out our programs today.

At WorkPro we are very serious about employment pre-screening risk management, online police checks, background and criminal record check and workplace legislation and proper conduct. We deal directly with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Work Safe and OH&S induction and training modules.

Your organisation can utilise the WorkPro safe training system and ensure you hire the right person for the job. Moreover, prospective employees will understand the necessary aspects of workplace and Occupational Health and Safety legislation, act appropriately according to regulations and also understand how to assess work risk and thus ensure appropriate OH&S management. Occupational and Work Safe legislation and overall OH&S can be extremely costly to an organisation and thus it is imperative that appropriate training and induction is undertaken prior to employment. We also include an online police record check and criminal background check! Make sure you do background, criminal and police checks on your potential employees.

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WorkPro is a web-based employee screening and induction solution, that centralises fundamental compliance requirements to get individual’s ‘work ready’ quickly and simply. It allows employers the opportunity to view, validate, track and manage employment related information via a single login.

Organisations can choose particular single services that suit their business needs, or utilise our entire suite of services.

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